Take a look at our backwards coffee shop.

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Organic Valley Half & Half.

Organic Valley Half & Half.

Made of nothing but organic cream and milk.

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Four ways to start your day.

The world's best coffee comes in four different flavors.

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Our Half & Half Cafe caused a serious stir in Manhattan.

Organic Valley creamaristas Maureen and Blaise Knapp serve up the world’s best coffee.

Slightly confused customers could order Organic Valley Half & Half in three sizes—Lil’ Bit, Double or Lotta.

An art, or a science? For Organic Valley farmer Gerrit van Tol (pictured), the answer is “Yes.”

New Yorkers couldn’t wait to show their friends what they had discovered.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

An exotic blend of spices and a touch of sweetness from coconut sugar makes this iced coffee the star of your morning!

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Blueberry Iced Coffee with Rosemary.

Coffee with blueberries and rosemary? Lightly sweet, fruity and complex, this is a winning way to start your day.

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Half & Half Near You

The shop is closed, but you can still find Organic Valley Half & Half.

Meet the farmers.

Meet the star of our video, Gerrit van Tol, and his family. They produce some of the milk and cream that goes into Organic Valley Half & Half.

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Why choose Organic Valley?

Organic food tastes better and is better for you. Here's what we're bringing to the table.

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