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Your California Regional Organic Food Cooperative

If you think California is nothing but laid-back, tanned beach-goers, think again. The state has a deep farming culture that our California farmer-owners are proud to be a part of.

The intense drought, fires and floods the state has endured in the last couple of years might have put normal people down, but Californians came roaring back to protect some of the most magnificent landscapes the country has to offer. We feel our farms are included in that designation, and our duty to our neighbors and communities in rough times is no less than to our families and animals.

Organic Valley farmer-owners throughout California exemplify the state’s big-hearted Eureka attitude. Our dedication benefits stores, restaurants and home kitchens across the state.




Local Organic Milk in California

We always keep milk as local as we can, so when you buy Organic Valley milk you are supporting local small family farms.


Local California Organic Valley Milk



Organic Valley—Bringing the Good to California

Kitchen Table Advisors

Financial support is a good thing, but teaching small-scale, sustainable farmers how to get the most out of their finances is even better. We support the Kitchen Table Advisors initiative in its quest to provide one-on-one business advising, financial education and tools, access to markets, capital and networks to low-income, minority, small-scale farms. We support Kitchen Table Advisors as they improve farm diversity and support a more sustainable food system in California.

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