Protecting Where Your Food Comes From.
We're protecting over 400,000 acres of organic farmland along with the thousands of plants and animals that call it home.
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The endangered North American Wood Turtle.
We're protecting over 400,000 acres of organic farmland along with the thousands of plants and animals that call it home.
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Goodness from the ground up

Woman standing in a greenhouse wearing a farmer-made apron and holding a watering can.

NEW! Handcrafted Garden Apron

Skillfully crafted by seamstress and Organic Valley farmer Wilma Yoder of Mockingbird Hill Farm. Limited quantities available.
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Family First milk being poured into a bowl of cereal.

Supports Brain Health for Your Family

New Organic Valley Family First milk has all the goodness of our traditional milk plus 50 mg of DHA Omega 3 per serving.
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New Organic Valley Whole Milk packaging on a green illustrated background.

New Look, Same Great Milk!

Find our new cartons in stores and online. New look, same great milk ethically sourced from our small organic family farms!
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Organic Valley employees hosting a live farm tour

Biggest Small Farm Livestream

On National Farmers Day we brought a firsthand farm experience to viewers live from our small organic family farms, coast to coast, all day long.
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Love what you bring to the table
You’ll find all our organic products filled with nutritious goodness, raised humanely, and ready for your family to enjoy.
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A family in the kitchen with Organic Valley Family First milk.
Introducing an Organic Valley Milk that Puts Family First
Family First, Organic Valley’s newest product, is for milk lovers of all ages. It supports brain health and much more. It has the 12 essential nutrients found in our other milks and bonus, we’ve added 50 mg of DHA omega 3 per serving.
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A refrigerator full of healthy food.
Organize Your Refrigerator for Healthy Eating
Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The Internet makes it seem like you have to be on some diet or take some trendy supplement to be “healthy.” When you set up your environment to support your health goals, it becomes a lot easier to reach these goals.
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Organic Valley organic grass for cows that produce Organic Valley Grassmilk®.
The Well-Deserved Hype Behind Organic Grassmilk®
Like its name says, Organic Valley Grassmilk® is milk that comes from cows that eat grass, just grass. But it’s also a little more complex and even means some surprising nutritional benefits for you and your family!
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Organic Valley Eggs and Bacon with Organic Prairie Sausage in a skillet.
How to Add More High-Quality Protein to Your Diet
Special diets and cleanses come and go, but one thing has remained the same when we look into actual diet trends: Protein.
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A person pours milk into a glass from a carafe.
What Is This About Cow’s Milk Hydrating Better Than Water?
The next time you’re feeling parched, choose an ice-cold glass of milk over water. Studies show that milk is one of your best options for maintaining optimal hydration, thanks to its natural supply of electrolytes and sugar (and, ahem, great taste).
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