We’re farmers from different walks of life who all believe in the promise of organic farming.
The Webb's on their Organic Valley family farm in Vermont.
A family business
Organic Valley is owned by over 1,600 family farmers committed to raising good food, the right way. It's not about growing huge and cashing out, it's about insisting on raising food in a way that takes care of our families and yours, as well as our animals and the planet.
Organic Valley farms stretch from coast to coast
We have family all across the United States
That means wherever you are, you're never far from one of our family farms or the freshest food possible.
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Farmer with hat looking over cows as they walk out to pasture in the sunset.
A mission to save family farms
The harsh economics of modern farming often mean that the little guy gets forced out, many farmers struggle to make a living without resorting to chemical-intensive agriculture, and many are forced to sell farms that have been in the family for generations. We started Organic Valley to change that. We've made a lot of progress, but there are still a lot of farms left to save.

Reinventing farming for the future

A unique feature of our cooperative is a stable pay price. That means our farmer-members aren’t at the mercy of wildly fluctuating dairy prices, but can count on a fair price for their milk when the work is done. Farmers new to the coop get extensive training in organic practices, and ongoing assistance in managing their farms organically and profitably.

Some solar panels and a cow grazing nearby on the Ranck Farm.
Farmer talks to young son in a freshly tilled field.
Making farming a viable career again
Our farmers are 10 years younger than the industry average. It’s a sign that our farmer members' kids are staying on the farm, or coming back to it, and don’t have to leave the family business in order to make a good life for themselves.
Rooney farmers stand in front of Organic Valley barn sign.
A spirit of independence
Out of over 1,600 farms in our coop, 420 are third-generation farms and 190 are fourth-generation. These families own their farms, while owning a piece of the coop, which helps them earn a decent living for their hard work. That’s how we help independent family farms stay independent (and in the family), instead of getting swallowed up by large corporations.

A community built on farming

Many of our farmer members are part of the Amish, Mennonite and other Plain-dress communities. These families’ farming roots in America go back two centuries, and their entire way of life is built around farms passed down through generations. Like all Organic Valley farmers, they’re committed to organic, sustainable methods of raising food: good for people, animals, and the earth we live on.

Stoltzfoos Farm, PA
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We make food that's better for everyone: you, the farmers, the animals and the planet.

Big Ideas

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We've always made food in a way that's good for people, animals and the planet.
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Lush pasture grass on an Organic Valley family farm

Use Crazy Simple Ingredients

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Let Animals Do Their Thing

While most dairy cows spend their lives cooped up in dirt feedlots, all of our cows are free to roam pasture, eat green grass and do cow stuff.
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