We never use GMOs, synthetic hormones, antibiotics or toxic pesticides. We only use sun, grass, soil and rain.

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We don’t take shortcuts with your family’s food

In order to make more money, some food companies like to take shortcuts—persistent chemicals, artificial hormones and synthetic ingredients. That’s not us. Instead, we rely on many generations of farming wisdom, combined with the latest science on regenerative agriculture, to make food that’s good for you and the planet. Turns out doing things the hard way is also the smart way.

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We don’t believe in using hormones in food, so we don’t

We let our animals grow naturally and produce milk and eggs on their own schedules. They’re never treated with synthetic hormones that could end up in your family’s food.

Our animals eat more organic foods than most people

Organic farming practices encourage regenerative agriculture techniques and diverse ecosystems, with each part nurturing the whole. These allow us to keep toxic chemicals off our farms and out of our animals' feed.

We keep our animals healthy by working in harmony with nature

Just like you don’t want your kids or yourself to constantly be exposed to antibiotics, we don’t want our animals to either. Organic Valley farmers instead use natural holistic measures to treat animals in organic production. However, if an animal is ever sick, our farmers administer medications and the animal is permanently removed from the herd.

We’ve kept 440 million pounds of toxic pesticides and fertilizers out of the environment

Instead, our farmers use innovative techniques like stocking natural predators of pests or old-school methods like pulling ragweed by hand.

We always take care of our farmers

When we take care of our farmers, they take care of their farms, and that takes care of your food. And even if it might make things a little more expensive, we think that’s a small price to pay.

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We make food that's better for everyone: you, the farmers, the animals and the planet.

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