If there’s one thing farmers are good at, it’s lending a hand. What some companies call “corporate responsibility” we call being good neighbors. Because whether it’s planting a garden or protecting our children from toxic chemicals, we’ll do a much better job if we do it together.

We’re growing the good food movement together.

For us, cooperative giving is all about helping like-minded organizations reach their organic goals.

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Our friends are making a difference.

From research organizations to educational foundations, we’re big supporters of all things organic.

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We’re invested in creating change.

Our farmer-funded grant program supports organic research, education and advocacy projects across the country.

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Request a speaker from Organic Valley.

If you are hosting an event or know of an event where a speaker is needed, sign us up! We’ve got specialists galore. From the farmers who grow our delicious food to the professionals who support them, like world-class holistic veterinarians, soil scientists and animal care specialists—we can help.

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