Pasture-raised farming is based on the simple idea that happy, healthy animals make for better, more nutritious food. That’s why our cows have plenty of room to roam, eat grass and do more, you know, cow stuff.

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What Organic Animal Care Does.

We want Organic Valley cows, chickens and other livestock to live healthy and happy lives—not only because it’s good for them, but also because it’s good for the food we eat.

Organic animal care focuses on holistic health practices. Our on-staff veterinarians are always ready to lend a hand, and our farmers never use antibiotics. Instead, we prescribe daily doses of pasture, because we know that's what works best.

The benefits of organic farming go beyond tasty food and healthy herds. Organic pastures reduce runoff, build living soils and take carbon out of our atmosphere.

If our farms sound peaceful, that’s the idea—a low-stress lifestyle means healthier animals, which means better quality milk, eggs and other Organic Valley products. And in the end, that’s why we’re here.

Cage free chickens grazing with dog in grass.

What Organic Animal Care Looks Like.

We make sure our animals live in clean, comfortable, low-stress housing—and spend plenty of time in the great outdoors. We can do that because we keep our herd sizes small, which lets us tend to each cow’s individual needs.

Organic farmers know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so we focus on keeping our cows healthy. And when they do get sick, we never use antibiotics, but administer time-tested, holistic organic remedies. Most often, our animals are back to grazing in no time.

A girl having a tea party with Organic Valley milk and cows.

Why Organic Animal Care Matters.

On a family-run organic farm, everyone needs to work together. We take care of our animals for the same reasons we take care of each other—it’s the right thing to do, and it helps us produce the best food for you and your family.

Organic animal care is at the heart of who we are. It binds us together as members of a community, an ecosystem and a single human family. It’s a mission we’re proud to live, every single day

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