We love the evening milking when we have a moment to talk about our days with spouses or to simply enjoy each other’s company in silence.

One of Wisconsin farmer Louise Hemstead’s favorite times of day was when she and her husband, David, were in the barn milking cows together. She said it took the day’s stress away.

A mom helps her daughter over the fence

Farming is a family affair on the Hoffner's Organic Valley family farm.

We love how the longer we farm organically, the more connections we make between health and what we put in our bodies—because we see it working in our animals.

“When we started organic dairy farming, you’d look into our kitchen cupboards and see that we hadn’t connected the dots for our own health. But that has changed completely now.”

– Jon Bansen, Oregon

Juli Bansen surveys the family’s large garden while two of her children harvest in the background.

The Bansen family works hard to feed themselves from their own garden as much as they can.

"We all love our office of the great outdoors. It is a fulfilling lifestyle in an infinite number of ways."

– Susan Hardy, New York

"There's this very strong sense of affection for animals that are working for you, and the only way I can repay the animals that work for me is with kindness and the best care I can give 'em. Just provide for every need. From the dogs, the cats, horses and cows -- everything on the farm."

- David Kline , Ohio


* But we also appreciate that if these things don’t work, we can give antibiotics. We never tolerate allowing an animal to suffer. But if we give antibiotics, the animal is no longer organic and has to be removed from the organic herd.

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