A Huge Day in the History of Organic Food

by Jennifer McBride

Wow, it has been 34 years since a milk truck hit the road, stopping at seven Organic Valley farms, and taking the very first load of organic milk to a cheese factory in Wisconsin! Read on to learn about the route Organic Valley took to become what it is today.
Taco Tuesday Ideas

by Rootstock Editor

Taco Tuesday is an easy, customizable, kid-friendly idea is perfect for meal prep and picky eaters, fun to eat, and fun to prepare. We share lots of tips and our taco night grocery list.
Coming Together to Create a Canopy

by Marina Dvorak

Local and national organizations made their way to an Organic Valley farm in Wisconsin to plant more than 1,000 trees. Volunteers carefully placed the trees in the ground to create silvopasture. Trees will increase cow comfort and the overall health of the land.
21 Simple Ways to Spice Up Eggs

by Rootstock Editor

Enhance the flavor of eggs by using simple herbs and spices. The seasoning spices up the eggs and fresh-herb garnishes are eye-pleasing additions. Here are 21 easy ideas from Organic Valley’s chef, who spent the afternoon cooking and transforming eggs that inspire.
A Perfect Pairing of Cows and Pasture

by Rootstock Editor

Cows love grass, and Organic Valley farmers ensure they get the greens they need by providing plenty of pasture. Let’s envision we are outside watching Organic Valley pasture-raised cows living their best lives.
How Do Cows Make Milk?

by Sabrina Servais

Cows need to eat a lot of organic grass that contains tons of nutrients to produce delicious, healthy organic milk. Grab a glass of Organic Valley milk and read how these amazing cows make milk.