What Is Butterfat?

by Jackie Thesing

Butterfat is the natural fat found in milk; it is in all dairy products. The amount of butterfat in each product can greatly alter the taste and texture. Let’s take a look into all things butterfat and look at the amount of butterfat in various products.
How Much Water Is Added to Milk?

by Laura Spilsbury

Milk contains water, but it is naturally occurring water. If it’s anything but naturally occurring water in milk, somebody is in trouble. Instead of adding water to milk, there are methods to “make” varieties of milk like 2%, lactose-free and so on.
What Is a Small Organic Family Farm?

by Jodi Helmer

Small. Organic. Family. Farm. We talk about the importance of them often and now we are going to lay out how we define them. If you drive by an Organic Valley farm, you’ll get a sense of what they are but here’s more information for you to take in.