Are all Organic Valley Pasture-Raised Cows also Grass-Fed?

Yes, all Organic Valley pasture-raised cows are grass-fed, but not all are 100% grass-fed or Certified Grass-Fed Organic.

Our standard pasture-raised dairy products are grass-fed — in the general sense that the majority of their diet consists of fresh pasture and dried forages. Thanks to Organic Valley’s high feeding standards and our farmers’ hard work, the amount of grain Organic Valley pasture-raised cows receive is significantly less than what is received by industrial-farmed cows (which provide the majority of milk in the United States).

Organic Valley always meets or exceeds USDA Organic standards for time spent on pasture and for the percentage of the cows’ diet made up of fresh grass during grazing season. On average during the grazing season, our pasture-raised cows receive 55% of their diet from fresh pasture grasses — eaten outdoors, harvested with their own mouths. The remainder of their diet will be made up of dried forages and a small amount of organic grains. Our cows also log an average 191 days on pasture during the grazing season, surpassing the USDA Organic minimum of 120 days.

In comparison, 100% grass-fed and Certified Grass-Fed Organic mean the cows only eat grasses and forages (plus a small amount of approved nutritional supplements, like molasses, if needed) — no grains. Our Grassmilk® products (milk and cheese) are all pasture-raised and Certified Grass-Fed Organic.

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