We started almost 30 years ago with a radical idea: A food company owned by the farmers who raise the food, instead of corporate executives only interested in the bottom line. A lot of people call us crazy. And we're OK with that—because it's totally working.

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Let Animals Do Their Thing

Most dairy cows spend their lives in confinement, without access to pasture. Not cool. But at Organic Valley, all of our cows are free to roam on pasture, eat green grass and do lots of cow stuff! To prove it, we decided to actually track their steps with one of those fitness trackers. Turns out our cows take more steps in a single day than most people. Way to hoof it, ladies!

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Flip Business Upside Down

Big food corporations mostly care about maximizing shareholder profits. But Organic Valley is a cooperative owned by organic farmers, and what they care about most is maximizing what’s best for their food and yours. Everyone wins—not just the guys on Wall Street.

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Use Crazy Simple Ingredients

It starts with four simple ingredients: sun, grass, soil and rain. Unlike Big Food Corporations, we believe that amazing food starts with, well, farming, not gimmicky packaging and hard-to-pronounce ingredients. That’s why all the food we make at Organic Valley is organic and grown without the use of toxic pesticides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. It’s simply delicious.

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Think Small

Big Food requires big profits and big farms. Large confinement dairy farms have thousands of cows that aren't allowed outside. But at Organic Valley we make sure we have enough land for all our cows to spend time on the grass. Our average herd size is just 78 cows. Just 78! By thinking small, we’ve been able to grow big without compromising our values. And that’s helped thousands of farms prosper across the country.

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Throw Out The Suits

Most CEO’s went to business school and only care about maximizing profits. Our founding CEO was a farmer. Even after all these years, George is still pretty stubborn about the whole idea of giving consumers better food for their families while helping small family farmers earn a fair wage for a quality product.

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