At Organic Valley the farmers own and run the company, that means that we care about the stuff the farmers care about, like doing what’s best for the animals, the land, our families, and the people who eat our food. Imagine that. Crazy, right?

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Consider us the un-corporation.

We work as a cooperative, and our farmers call the shots. When we started Organic Valley in the ’80s, we needed a more sustainable business model that worked for family farmers—corporate agriculture just wasn’t the way to go. So we started working together, pooling our products and sharing in the profits. Now, our board of directors is all farmers, and every Organic Valley farmer earns a fair living.

Mother holding her two sons while they pet a cow with a herd of cows in the background.

We set our own rules.

Since 1960, corporations have taken over more than 600,000 family-owned farms. Now, when the shareholders of those big companies demand higher profits every year, the farmers are pressured to produce more for less pay. But we’re proudly independent, so the only people we have to listen to are our customers and our farmers. And as a cooperative, we’ll never sell to a big corporation. Instead, we listen to nature and the wisdom of generations of organic farming.

Mother sitting on a farm holding her baby in the air with cows in the background.

It’s a win-win.

When we started working as a cooperative, we were able to spend less time worrying about how we would keep our farms alive and more time on how to grow the most delicious, healthful, organic produce we could. And because we’re now located in regions across the country, high-quality organic food is becoming increasingly accessible. In fact, higher demand for better products has sparked an organic movement, making an even stronger market place for all organic farmers. And the more our customers demand, the more organic farmers we can bring into the cooperative, along with the land, water and animals they protect.

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