Our farmers always go the extra mile and never use antibiotics, hormones, toxins or pesticides. To grow our food, we stick to 4 simple ingredients — sun, grass, soil and rain! And we’re pretty sure you can taste the difference.

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Organic Valley farmers are a pretty friendly bunch, but there’s one thing they can’t stand—shortcuts.

Shortcuts were what sparked the Industrial Food Revolution in the first place. Shortcuts were what made people think that chicken is supposed to come in nugget form. Shortcuts alienate us from our food and from the people who grow it.

It’s not that we don’t understand the appeal of shortcuts, we’re busy too. It’s just that our farmers have chosen to grow food the right way, using just four simple ingredients— sun, grass, soil, and rain. We do it this way because we believe it’s healthier for our families, our farms and our planet.

Organic Valley was founded on the idea that if we respect the land and work with Mother Nature, we’ll be rewarded with delicious, organic food we can be proud of. It’s a philosophy you can taste in every drop and every bite, and it’s helping to change the way Americans think about their food.

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