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748 Local Organic Farms

Organic Valley shot up from rich, Midwest earth 30 years ago. Our headquarters are still here in La Farge, Wisconsin, population 746. Some people call it flyover country. But from St. Louis to Lake Superior and out through the Twin Cities, you can sample amazing food grown and made nearby.

Out here “Midwest Nice” isn’t just an empty phrase. Big-hearted Midwesterners like a good potluck, a good dance and plenty of the outdoors, and there’s still plenty of community pride and open spaces around here.

Our Midwest farmers work hard to keep the country’s breadbasket full and healthier by making it organic. The grazing is lush and the soil’s fertile, which is nothing but good news for the farmers and the land and animals they care for.



Meet Your Local Organic Valley Farmers

Community Homestead Farm

Adrian Werthmann lives and works at the Community Homestead Farm, in Osceola, Wisconsin. Forty people of all ages and abilities celebrate life together sustainably in this intentional community. The farm consists of seven life-sharing households clustered around an Organic Valley dairy farm, a large garden, and even a commercial bakery and kitchen.

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Butterflies and Farming

Thelma Heidel-Baker lives on an Organic Valley farm in Random Lake, Wisconsin, with her husband, Ricky. Thelma is the conservation biocontrol specialist with the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. She works with farmers, crop advisors and conservation specialists to guide the development of innovative farming practices that help promote beneficial insects like lady beetles, bees, and butterflies on farms. She puts many of those insect conservation practices into action on her family’s organic dairy farm.

Save the Bay

How farmers work their land has a ripple effect on all of us. Over the years, the frequency and duration of dead zones in Green Bay have increased significantly due to manure and chemical runoff from farms. In Northeast Wisconsin, Organic Valley farmer Steve Sevcik assists Save the Bay-a team of representatives from agriculture, academia, industry, government and nonprofits-develop and promote farming practices that can prevent algal blooms in Green Bay.

Local Organic Milk in the Midwest

Throughout the Midwest, you’ll find organic milk from our farmers packaged a little bit differently than you might expect because, well, we’re a little different. All of our milk cartons and many of our eggs show a farmer’s signature. And when you see the word “Local” on your milk carton, it means that the farmer on the front of the package isn’t too far from you! In fact, we even made a handy little tool to help you find your local Organic Valley farmer.


Organic Valley local and national Whole Milk



Organic Valley—Bringing the Good to the Midwest

Growing Future Farmers in Your Neighborhood

Instead of complaining about how hard it is for future farmers to get started, we decided to give them a helping hand. The Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers educates and mentors beginning grass-based and organic dairy and livestock farmers in the Midwest and Northeast.

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Protecting the Future of Food

One of the biggest challenges a farmer encounters is how to pass on the farm to the next generation. It can be surprisingly complicated, especially when there’s a land conservation element. Our cooperative supports the Land Stewardship Project’s Farm Transitions Program that provides farm families with tools, resources and support networks to help plan farm transitions with a conservation legacy.

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“Searching for Sustainability”

This educational film examines the intersection of agriculture and natural resources, exploring possible solutions to the problems we face. Filmmaker and Organic Valley farmer Valerie Antoin Adamski produced the film, which is planned to air on Wisconsin Public Television in the spring of 2018.

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