Humane Animal Treatment: A Cornerstone of Organic

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"
- Mahatma Gandhi

Organic production practices are both earth and animal friendly. Thanks to input from concerned consumers, American Humane Association (AHA) and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the National Organic Standards:

  • Require preventative health care practices such as adequate feed, nutritional supplements, sanitary housing and freedom of movement.
  • Prohibit withholding medical treatment in cases of animal illness.
  • Require access to outdoors and calls for conditions that accommodate the natural behavior of the animal.
  • Require appropriate clean and dry bedding.

Organic Valley Farmers Go Further

Organic Valley customers often tell us they are concerned about humane animal treatment. So are Organic Valley farmers. Many of our dairy and poultry farmers have stories about building their barn before the house!

We farm in harmony with nature.

All Organic Valley animals have access to outdoors. Cattle graze in pasture whenever possible. Natural sunlight is required in the hen houses. To learn more about our farms and additional standards, visit our Transparency page.

Our on-staff animal care specialist consults with farmers on how to work with animals' natural behaviors to maximize their comfort and well-being.

We provide conditions for optimal production and well-being without the use of synthetic hormones.

Many Organic Valley farmers prefer to accept less than 50 pounds of milk per day rather than the usual 70 pounds conventional farmers expect. Farmers observe that this practice reduces stress on the animals and increases longevity. 

We practice holistic and preventative animal health care.

Care for animals is a primary concern for our farmers. Since the use of antibiotics and other quick fixes is strictly prohibited, organic animal farming has to involve healthy, happy animals. Our three staff veterinarians provide holistic health care expertise and assistance to our farmers.

Our farms are appropriate in scale.

Organic Valley animals are raised on some of the smallest farms in America! Our average herd size is 77 cows. Appropriate scale is important to our philosophy of animal welfare.

We love our animals.

Organic Valley farmers often say that one of the reasons they farm is they love animals. From cows and chickens to horses and barn cats, all are considered part of the harmony of sustainable organic farming.

Holistic Health for Animals

Meet our staff veterinarians

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