Organic Valley Animal Care Program

We strive to promote holistic health rooted in thriving on-farm ecosystems, by supporting natural cycles that nourish the people and animals working on CROPP farms.  With our focus on environmental health and nutrition to promote natural disease resistance, we find that animals in these systems tend to stay healthy, active and resilient.   When they do get sick, we stress early intervention utilizing medical treatments that facilitate natural immune function, and can often restore health without the detrimental side effects associated with some conventional approaches.

Our animal care program:

  • Maintains animal care standards that exceed National Organic Program requirements.
  • Promotes and teaches handling techniques that complement the natural behaviors of the animals.
  • Ensures that housing provides a comfortable, clean, safe, and low-stress environment.
  • Encourages pasture access and exercise above and beyond National Organic Standard's 30% "Pasture Rule".
  • Provides conditions for optimal animal production and well-being without the use of synthetic hormones.


We practice holistic and preventative animal health care.

Our three staff veterinarians provide holistic health care expertise and assistance to member farmers.   Emphasizing techniques that will continue to improve the health of the whole farm over a generational timeline, we stress preventative healthcare and consistently engage the research community to identify and refine organic treatment options.


Our farms are appropriate in scale.

Organic Valley animals are raised on some of the smallest farms in America. In addition to high quality pasture and attentive care that size allows unparalleled knowledge of the animals, whose names and personalities help forge the relationships that define our farms and shape our philosophy.  We believe CROPP farmers also enjoy a higher quality of life because of their connection to their herds. 


How do we know it’s working?

Because our staff of well-trained auditors constantly monitors animals and on-farm conditions to assure compliance with CROPP cooperative’s rigorous standards.   Formal audits are conducted on every farm at least once every three years, and follow-up from those audits is carefully monitored by our animal care specialist.   We are prepared to take whatever action is necessary to ensure that our standards for excellent animal care are consistently met by CROPP farmers.

Holistic Health for Animals

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