People from Organic Valley's Ambassador Program with cows in the background.
The Organic Valley Ambassador Experience

We're looking for Organic Valley fans to represent our brand and share their love for good food that is ethically sourced from small organic family farms. Keep scrolling to see if being an Organic Valley Ambassador would be a good fit for you!

Who should join?

  • Organic Valley Ambassadors are the biggest fans of Organic Valley products. They are excited and passionate about feeding themselves and their families food from small organic family farms that are dedicated to a high standard of animal care and sustainable farming practices.
  • We're looking for people who can creatively share their love for food (or farms) with their family, friends, and followers through engaging social media content.
  • Organic Valley Ambassadors are not in it for the money...they are not paid to post! Our Ambassadors do what they do because they are passionate about sharing their love for food that is ethically sourced from small organic family farms.

Ambassador Perks

  • Free Organic Valley products
  • Product discount coupons to share
  • Access to food and farming experts
  • Opportunities to meet and connect with organic farmers
  • Invitations to exclusive ambassador events (at the farm and online)
  • Early information about new products
  • Custom ambassador accessories

Thank you for your interest in the Organic Valley Ambassador program. Applications for the 2024 program are currently closed. We are eager to grow our community so be sure to sign up for our email newsletter and follow us on our social channels for updates on 2025 applications.

Brand Ambassadors



"I love this ambassador community because I'm able to meet like-minded people who care about the planet and where their food comes from."
Dave Palmer


"You get to meet people from all across the country, from all different walks of life, that you have one thing in common with, and that's Organic Valley."
Pat Lee


"I love this Organic Valley ambassador community because we have people who are actually committed to the change that Organic Valley is willing to embrace."
Tammy Harris


"I love Organic Valley, this was an easy ambassador choice for me to be a part of!"