Organic Valley’s farmers all have one thing in common: they love what they do. It’s a love that makes them do crazy things, like get out of bed at 4 AM seven days a week, or refuse to use commercial pesticides to make the job easier. This series of short films explores the passion and conviction that motivates the life of a farmer.

A farmer in a straw hat bending down to kiss his dog.

A Good Dog

We love our cows, but on David Kline's farm, there's one four-legged friend who stands out from the rest.

The O'Reilly's on their Organic Valley family farm

Dairy Moms

From the cows to the kids, and meals to famers themselves, dairy moms are the glue that hold the family farm together.

Sam and Chase Dobson on their Organic Valley family farm


On the Dobson family farm, there are three generations working and learning together.

A farmer and his son walking through a field with cows grazing around them.

The Gift of Grass

For organic farmers like Jeff Miller, leaving the land better than you found it is part of the mission.

A closeup of two girls kneeling in grass picking flowers.

Seed to Table

Farmer and mother Charlene Stoller knows that good food can nourish both body and soul.

A farmer sitting in the grass between a cow and a small dog.

Riding the Weather

Organic farming can't be rushed—and farmers like Organic Valley board member Mark Kruse know that if you work with nature, nature will provide.

The Millers and the Oldicks working together


The Millers and their neighbors, the Oldicks have always raised kids, crops and dairy cows by working together.

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