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The secret behind Organic Valley products is pretty simple: by providing cows with fresh grass, kindness, and plenty of space to roam free, they give back a rich, creamy organic milk that feeds your family, body and soul. It’s a pretty good trade when you think about it.


More goodness from the great outdoors.

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Love by the glass.

The milk you bring to the table matters. It brings your favorite meals to life and feeds the muscles and minds of those you care for most. That’s why all the milk we produce comes straight from happy, healthy cows who spend a lot of time outside.

Organic Valley Pasture-Raised Milk

High quality comes naturally in our Pasture-Raised milk products. By giving our herds the care they deserve—time in the fields to wander, munch, and graze—our happy, healthy cows create this absolutely amazing organic milk.

Organic Valley Grassmilk

It’s all in the name. Delicious organic milk from cows that eat nothing but organic grass. Offering a serious boost in omega-3 and a rich, complex taste that comes from grass feeding, Grassmilk brings new meaning to “natural” flavors.

Organic Milk Buying Guide

Know what to look for when you’re selecting milk for your family, from the nutrition you want to the chemicals you don’t.

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