Cows love grass, grass loves cows. Mother Nature does her thing and we reap the rewards.

Organic, Sustainable Goodness: Pasture-raised dairy. 

When 97% of scientists tell us that climate change is real, who are we to argue? What we know is that our pasture-raised dairy makes an enormous difference to the health of our consumers, animals, soil and climate.

  • Pasturing puts fewer tractors in fields = less CO2
  • Pasturing is the holy grail of “cover cropping” = nurture healthy soil, while safely sequestering CO2 out of atmosphere
  • Cows provide organic fertilizer = no CO2 from manufacturing artificial fertilizers & “’cides”

The sustainability of raising animals on pasture is an even greater focus with the pioneering practice of 100% grass-fed dairy. Our Grassmilk® products use dairy from 100% grass-fed cows on farms where the right soil and environmental conditions allows farmers to feed cows only grass and dried forages throughout the year.

It is our belief, and our pledge, to do everything we can—on our farms, in our facilities and in every corner of our business—to reduce harm to the only planet we call home.

Cow grazing on pasture

The health of our cows comes first. Which is why grain-heavy diets come last.

Our organic dairy cows are fed more grass than grains; they are, simply put, better for it: they live longer, experience less disease, and reproduce well without the breeding hormones used in more conventional farms.

Hats off to our farmers, the real leaders in pasturing—and the real ones responsible for the many benefits it brings to our consumers, our animals and our environment.

Source: Washington State University Study on Organic Production
Grass with dew on them
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