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Organic Valley Community Solar Partnership

Just outstanding! Organic Valley has been recognized for our leadership in taking action against climate change. Read the full story.

Organic Valley sources all of the electricity for its owned facilities from 100% renewable energy. And it happened through partnership and cooperation.

Organic Valley Community Solar Partnership (OVCSP) is Organic Valley's pioneering, money-saving partnership with the Upper Midwest Municipal Energy Group (UMMEG) and OneEnergy Renewables.

In addition to hosting a 12-acre solar installation on our property in Cashton, Wisconsin, the OVCSP initiative includes ground mounted solar installations in several other communities across the Midwest. This installation, combined with energy produced from existing solar arrays at our business facilities and from Cashton Greens Wind Farm, enables us to meet our goal of sourcing 100% of our electricity needs from renewables.

OVCSP will support the energy needs of many of our farmers, employees, local communities and the bulk of our business facilities. In each of the partner communities, savings will be shared by all homes and businesses. This initiative is an inspiring example of why cooperation works so well. By scaling up the good, we drive down costs for all!

This innovative approach to installing large scale solar can be replicated by other municipal utilities around the country that want to save on energy costs, attract businesses and millennials to their towns, and provide a more stable and sustainable life for their communities. We're Bringing the Good by Powering the Good!

Powering the Good - Organic Valley Sustainability
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