As farmers, we work closely with the Earth and Mother Nature—and we need to take care of the soil that feeds us. It’s our mission to reach a fully sustainable operation, from our farms to our offices, and through every step of our supply chain.


The basics.

Through renewable energy production, we offset 66% of the electricity we consume. We're getting closer to our zero-waste goal — over the past five years, we've diverted more than 83% of our total waste from landfills. But it's our employee participation that we really love to see. Our sustainability team takes pride in organizing efforts like our annual Kickapoo River clean up, training sessions, recycling programs and educational workshops on ways we can be more sustainable in our every day lives.

A field of sunflowers with three solar panels in the background.

We make our own biofuel.

Made from our own sunflower crops, our biodiesel is produced on Organic Valley farms and supplies trucks and tractors with fuel. And it comprises 77% of the fuel used at the La Farge & Cashton biodiesel stations—which ultimately prevents 445 tons of CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere.

A farmer getting his tractor refueled with sustainable on-farm biodiesel in front of a field of sunflowers.

We go the distance.

In addition to all of our renewable energy and conservation efforts, we work with conventional farmers to help them make the difficult transition to organic. By providing assistance to offset the hurdles that come with transitioning, Organic Valley has helped revitalize soil and land—and we’ve also helped our co-op members receive grants for their own sustainability efforts.

Farmer Dale Braunschweig of Burnett, Wisconsin, teaching a group of younger farmers how they can make their own farms more sustainable.

We recognize sustainability leaders.

We take pride in honoring leaders in our cooperative’s efforts to make sustainable farming a reality. This year, Organic Valley’s Leadership in Sustainability Award went to Dale Braunschweig of Burnett, Wisconsin, for his commitment to renewable energy sources on his own farm. Dale is also teaching younger farmers how they can make their own farms more sustainable—that’s the kind of leadership that makes a difference. Still want to know just how green we are?

Check out Organic Valley's 2023 Impact Report

A young boy on the Elsenpeter family farm mowing the lawn

We make learning fun.

Check out and enjoy our sustainability scavenger hunt to learn about the many different examples of sustainable practices that can happen in your home and your community.

Check out our sustainability scavenger hunt.

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