2018: Crazier than the Year Before

by Rootstock Editor

Dec. 31, 2018

by Rootstock Editor

Was 2018 kind of crazy for you? It was for us. Maybe you noticed.

We took our cooperative message across the country and informed more people than ever about how we do business differently. We introduced millions of people to a cooperative that cares about animal welfare, stands up for higher standards when you call for them, and that provides relief in times of crisis.

If you saw our videos or commercials, we hope you saw who we really are at heart. That you got to know the farmers who built us from the ground up. That you saw the way we do business, practices like paying as much as we can to the people who actually do the farming, as the right way to do things, not just the crazy way. And that you smiled seeing  fitbits on our cows on  pastures, getting the chance to be cows. Some people called us crazy.

But you warmly accepted us just as we are. Sure, there were a few critics out there, but we didn’t let that ruffle our feathers too much.

We did let one thing ruffle our feathers in 2018 though: animal care on the farm.

You, the friends of Organic Valley, answered our call when we told you that the government was backtracking on their word to improve animal care standards on organic farms. More than 70,000 of you made your voices heard on the issue. We couldn’t be prouder of your passion.

You want better animal care standards on organic farms, so we will keep on fighting like crazy. We are raising our own Organic Valley standards even higher than they were before, above and beyond anything required by any label. We are supporting a lawsuit against the actions of the USDA. You deserve higher standards, and we will continue to push for better animal care standards on organic farms.

We are listening to you.

We remove ingredients from our products when you ask. We add standards when you support them. We even help you talk to farmers because, well, we think everyone should speak with a farmer now and again.


And, most of all, we help each other. Because of your support, because you chose Organic Valley and made a values-based purchase in 2018, we were able to send food and aid through Grassroots Aid Partnership to communities in crisis. From hurricane relief in North Carolina and Florida to fire relief efforts right now in California, we are humbled to be able to offer healthy, organic food to the communities who need it most.

"With your help, we’ve done a lot of good in 2018. And with your help, we will bring the good to even more communities in 2019. Thank you for supporting this crazy cooperative of ours, and have a happy new year"

– Organic Valley