Choosing organically grown squash and other produce ensures your food is grown without toxic chemicals and is better for the planet. Your purchase of Organic Valley products also helps small organic family farms stay on the land.

With so many types of winter squash to choose from, all offering different benefits and ways to prepare, it is a no-brainer to include plenty of winter squash in your meals this fall. They are all healthy and delicious, so mix it up and find your family’s favorite way to enjoy the bounty of winter squash this season.

Organic Valley squash is seasonally available at select locations.

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Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Laura Poe Mathes, R.D., moved all over the U.S. before finally figuring out that she is a country girl at heart, settling down on her homestead in the Driftless region of Southwest Wisconsin with her husband. Laura is a private practice dietitian, focusing on individualized healing and adding in traditional, whole foods. She is also a functional movement coach and a blogger, writer, and speaker on health and traditional cooking techniques, such as fermentation and cooking with organ meats. She loves to spend time with her family and be out in nature as much as possible, especially canoeing, foraging, and hiking. Learn more about her work at Viroqua Nutrition Counseling and on her recipe blog, Brine and Broth.

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