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A Jersey cow inspects a little boy held by his young mother out in the pasture.


New Year, New Hope…and a New Giveaway!

In 2021, we here at Organic Valley want to support your new year’s goals, from making healthy, organic choices to finding moments of peace (and one of those moments might include a special giveaway!).

"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them."

- Maya Angelou

What a year 2020 turned out to be. Reflecting on the past 12 months is an exercise in patience and flexibility: The COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice activism dominated the year, punctuated by not-infrequent environmental, social, and political surprises that either left us speechless or made us roll our eyes and say, “That’s 2020 for you.”

There’s no doubt the previous year’s woes and wonders have profoundly changed our world, and many changes will flow into the new year as well. But as Maya Angelou observes in the quote above, we can choose how we respond to what the world tosses our way. It’s a simple, hopeful message that is relevant for the year to come.

During the uncertainty of 2020, we at Organic Valley chose to focus on our people, keeping them safe, well-paid, and well-informed. We were founded way back in 1988 to serve people, after all—our farmers, employees, communities, and everyone who loves to eat delicious, responsibly produced food … like you. We’re honored every time you choose to serve our dairy, eggs, produce, and meats to your families. When you choose us, you become part of our cooperative family, directly linked to the farm families who care for their land and animals so attentively.

A brown chicken jumps out of a father’s arms making him and his young daughter laugh.

The Glick Family Farm in Pennsylvania.

And speaking of animals, they’re part of our families too! We’ve observed over generations how our cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys have personalities and friends and favorite foods. We respect our animals as a key part of a healthy farm ecosystem, so we believe they deserve a lifestyle that is happy and stress-free. And happy, stress-free animals make high-quality organic milk, eggs, and more for you! It’s a wonderful cycle—thank you for being a part of it!

Looking down the squiggly path of 2021, we choose to approach the upcoming year with hope, walking forward confidently in partnership with family, neighbors, and friends. We invite you to join us in that hope. Organic Valley may be a brand, but it’s also a cooperative full of humans, hopes, and dreams—just like you. If you haven't already, become part of our community! We want our mission and our products to be a part of your hope for a healthy, regenerative, low-stress, and delicious year.

Let’s strive together to keep the ones we love and a cooperative spirit at the center of all we do.

 A little boy holds an eggnog carton that says may the spirit of the holidays fill you with warmth and joy like a glass of delicious eggnog.

Get your Organic Valley Eggnog before it’s gone for the season!

Giveaway! Win an Organic Valley Wall Calendar

With this year’s calendar, we offer you a moment of peace and strength whenever you look at one of our stunning organic farms. Take a moment to escape—imagine walking along the farm road leading the cows to their new pasture just after sunrise, leaping from a rope swing into the pond on a hot summer day, smelling freshly mown hay as it dries in the field, watching the sunset creep down behind the barn.

Take a moment to reflect on the support you give to these small, family-owned farms and the hard work they put into the delicious organic foods you value and enjoy. These are real farms, run by real people, raising real animals, on real grass, producing real food just for you!

Here’s how to enter to win an Organic Valley 2021 calendar!

Win a 2021 Organic Valley calendar!

We’re giving away 21 prizes each containing one Organic Valley wall calendar and two Organic Valley free-product coupons. The giveaway will be open from January 2-12, 2021. To enter, visit us on Instagram!

From all the farmers and employees of Organic Valley, we wish you a new year abundant in peace, love, and good food. Cheers!

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