Organic Valley Packaging Through the Years

by Rootstock Editor

April 13, 2023

by Rootstock Editor

For millions of families across the country every morning, opening a carton of Organic Valley milk is a nostalgic experience that takes them back to the comfort of home. That’s a beautiful part of why we’ve attempted to create packaging that not only embodies our values, but connects with our customers.

If you have visited a grocery store recently, you’ve probably started seeing a new look from Organic Valley. When you see a cute cow standing in a wide open green field with a bright barn on the hillside, you’ve just seen the newest Organic Valley packaging! 

The first thing we want to make sure everyone knows is that it’s the same great organic food grown and raised on the small organic family farms that own our cooperative. The only thing that has changed is the design on the packaging! The contents are the same, so you can expect a new look with the same great taste. Even the packaging is made with the same materials as before.

But why would we change something that was working so well?

At Organic Valley, we believe it's essential to evolve with you — from the high-quality, organic products we offer, to the packaging and marketing we do to build and support small organic family farms. We wanted to refresh our packaging designs to communicate our brand story more visually and incorporate elements that help you engage on a deeper level with our co-op of small organic family farms.

Five Organic Valley milk cartons are lined up to show the year they were in circulation.

We’re excited to introduce a new QR code on our milk cartons that allows our customers to explore the stories of our farmers and their sustainable farming practices. By scanning the QR code, you can learn about the dedicated families that produce our milk and how their commitment to sustainability aligns with our mission.

Organic Valley’s food is produced on small organic family farms located throughout the United States. Our cooperative consists of nearly 1,600 small organic family farms that share a commitment to organic agriculture and producing nourishing food in a way that is good for our farmers, the animals they care for and the earth.

Over the years, we’ve continued to evolve our packaging with innovative designs. What started as a very simple black-and-white illustrated carton without much information turned into full-color images of farmers to stories that tell you about who we are at our very core. Our latest packaging design is sleek and modern while still paying homage to our illustrative roots and telling the story of the small family farms that own our cooperative. And our roots run deep, our very first milk packaging looks a lot closer to this redesign than the previous version!

Organic Valley’s founding CEO, George Siemon, holds cartons of Organic Valley milk while standing in front of a barn.

Organic Valley’s founding CEO, George Siemon, with throwback packaging.

The adventure to get from one package to the next was a journey like no other. We looked at a multitude of design options, making sure that people who are looking for organic food raised in harmony with nature could easily spot the brand they know and love, while bringing in new people who might not have tried Organic Valley before.

Our teams, after consulting professionals in the field, farmers and consumers, ultimately decided on the concept of “nostalgia” that you see before you today.

We’re proud of the journey we’ve taken with our milk packaging branding, and we’ll continue to innovate and evolve with packaging solutions that align with our values and mission. Our new packaging designs represent our mission and purpose to save and safeguard small organic family farms that grow food in harmony with nature.

We hope this new look and feel resonates with our customers on an emotional level through our illustrative design and the stories of our farmers. Thank you for joining us on this journey.