The science proves that when you have pasture-based systems and organic crop production you have a smaller carbon footprint, said Nicole Rakobitsch, Organic Valley director of sustainability.

“We are proud that farms in our cooperative average the lowest known carbon footprint of any U.S. dairy supply, but we are not going to rest on that outcome,” she said. “We are committed to helping our farmers and all dairy continually lessen our GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. It’s the right thing to do and consumers are looking for food that is good for the planet and their health.”

Green pasture at the Sauder family farm in Colorado

Cows munch on greens at the Sauder family farm in Colorado.

Committed to Carbon Neutral

Since Day 1, Organic Valley has been dedicated to the health of the planet. We continue to have big goals. The cooperative intends to be carbon neutral by 2050. Carbon neutrality is when the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced are reduced at the source and the remaining removed by plants through carbon sequestration, leaving a zero balance.

We will reach carbon neutrality through more on-farm sustainability programs that meet, or go beyond, Natural Resources Conservation Service standards such as tree plantings, improved manure management, renewable energy, energy efficiency, agroforestry, and enhanced grazing and cropland practices. The intent is to be 15% toward carbon neutrality by 2030, and 30% toward carbon neutral by 2035.

Small organic family farms—not just Organic Valley farms—are helping the environment in a big way by allowing cows on pasture. By supporting small farms you help support a healthy planet.

“Dairy can be done sustainably, and grazing animals on pasture is a big part of the solution for the future of food,” Rakobitsch said.

We are passionate about doing what’s right for people, animals, and earth and are committed to bringing ethically made organic food to families everywhere. To keep the good going through grass, look for Organic Valley products at a store near you.

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