The Simple Choice that Makes a Big Impact

by Caroline Carlson

March 27, 2019

by Caroline Carlson

Were you ever told to “drink your milk” when you were a kid? Do you encourage your own kids to drink milk so they will be healthy and strong? The nutritional benefits of a tall glass of milk are widely acknowledged, but this means people don’t always stop to consider the quality of the milk they drink.

While all milk is good, research shows that—in terms of health benefits for children and adults, for the environment, and for the cows that are producing this yummy, nutritious beverage—organic milk has significant advantages.

Of course, you could just take our word for it, but with the growing popularity of organic products (organic food sales increased by nearly 6.4% in 2017) and the mounting scientific research that supports the benefits of this trend, it’s clear that organic milk isn’t a fad. It’s a common-sense movement.

Read on to learn about why so many people are choosing organic dairy and how a simple choice of milk makes a real difference beyond your own dinner table.

Good Fats Galore

You may be familiar with “bad” fats such as trans fats and saturated fats—the stuff that, in excess, will clog your arteries, put you at risk of heart disease and raise your cholesterol. But do you know about good fats? Omega-3s are essential fatty acids that are linked to brain and eye health and reduced inflammation, and organic milk has significantly more than conventional milk! “Why’s that?” you might be wondering. Keep reading, we’re glad you asked.

Grass Makes a BIG Difference

Organic cows are required to graze outdoors on fresh pasture, and that’s why their milk is higher in those beneficial fatty acids like omega-3 and CLA. And while organic standards ensure that all organic milk has higher levels because the cows have more time on pasture, dairy that is “Certified Grass-Fed Organic” like Organic Valley Grassmilk® products are truly the “cream of the crop” in terms of health benefits. In fact, a peer-reviewed nutritional analysis of Organic Valley Grassmilk® showed it has 147% higher levels of omega-3, and 125% higher conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than conventional whole milk. 

Good for Kids AND Kids-at-Heart

Often the conversation around milk focuses on kids, but parents also need to give themselves the best nutrition. The protein, calcium and vitamin D that’s so important for growing bodies and active minds doesn’t stop being important when you go from toddling around the playground to chasing active munchkins of your own. To stay healthy in the long-term, it’s in your best interest to be just as choosy about the milk you pour for yourself as you are about the milk you put on your child’s cereal.

Benefits Beyond You and Your Family

We love hearing when someone makes the connection that purchasing a gallon of milk or block of cheese supports 2,000 farmers’ livelihoods along with their family’s health. It truly means the world to us! Nutrition is incredibly important and reason-enough to make the switch, but by choosing Organic Valley’s pasture-raised and Grassmilk® products, you are also supporting a network of farmers who care deeply about animal welfare, responsible land and water stewardship, and whose passion is bringing YOU the healthiest, best-tasting foods in the world. These farmers wouldn’t farm the way they do if they didn’t believe in it. So if you want to be a part of a food system that’s more fair, more conscientious, and more sustainable, you can make a great start by thinking carefully about the milk you drink.