Unlikely Friendships — Photos From the Farm

by Rootstock Editor

Jan. 19, 2022

by Rootstock Editor

It’s another day on an Organic Valley farm and like every day a farmer doesn’t know what fun, challenges, weather and work await when they head out the door in the morning.

Many days they are in for unexpected smiles in unexpected places; be it a cow giving birth to a calf, warm sunshine that makes for a fine day of cutting hay, or a cat giving a cow a massage. Woah, hold on a minute — a cat massaging a cow. Yep, animals are full of surprises that bring us smiles. Let’s look at some unlikely farm friendships on Organic Valley farms.

A kitty gives a cow a rub at the Webb’s organic farm in Vermont.

A cow and turkey stand in a field at an Organic Valley farm in New York.

A curious cow greets a turkey at the Hudyncia organic farm in New York. Turkeys, like cows, enjoy meandering pastures. The grasses and plants provide cows with loads of organic, nutritious greens and the turkeys with a plethora of seeds. Turkeys can also find plenty of tasty insects to chase. This cow and turkey have no problem sharing the wealth of goodies that green pasture provides.

A cow kisses a puppy at an Organic Valley farm in Oregon.

A puppy gets an unexpected lick from a cow at the Bansen farm, Double J Jerseys, in northwest Oregon. It’s unclear if the pup enjoyed it but it sure brought a smile to Zach and Christine McKee.

A dog and chicken relax at a farm in Colorado.

Who would think that a Great Pyrenees and a chicken could be companions? This Bovans Brown hen gets up close and personal with Sally on the Toews’ Organic Valley egg farm in Colorado. Not only does Sally provide companionship, her presence keeps predators like hawks and foxes away as the chickens spend their days foraging.

A frog sits on a boy's shoulder.

Maybe it’s not so unlikely that a frog hitches a ride on Eric Martin’s shoulder at the family farm in Ohio. Biodiversity abounds on Organic Valley farms.

A cat walks on a dog.

Fighting like cats and dogs. Where did that phrase come from? A kitty and dog at the Gretebeck farm in Wisconsin seem more like two peas in a pod than adversaries.

When compiling these photos we set out to share a look at unlikely friendships but we just couldn’t help showing you a likely friendship, too. It’s just so darn cute to watch this lamb get comfy on a ewe (a female sheep) on the Gasser farm in Ohio.

We hope these “friends” brought you a smile.