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Organic Valley cows spend their days grazing in green pastures, which helps them produce milk with more omega-3s and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than conventional milk. Our milk is always produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, or GMOs.

Fat Free Skim Milk, Ultra Pasteurized, Gallon

Full flavor, no fat—that’s what all skim milks say. But not all skim milk comes from cows raised in organic pastures, so not all skim milk tastes as good as our Fat Free Skim Milk. It’s got everything our regular milk does, only with a little less butterfat because some people prefer it that way.

Always Organic

Absolutely NO antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMO anything.

Storage and Handling

Keep refrigerated. Freshest tasting within 7 days of opening.


Organic Grade A Fat Free/Skim Milk/Nonfat, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3.

USDA OrganicKosher dairyHalal
UPC# 093966007459
Nutrition Facts
Servings per Container 16
Servings Size 1 cup (240 mL)

Amount per Serving
Calories 90

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0 g0%
Saturated Fat 0 g0%
Trans Fatty Acid 0 g
Cholesterol 5 mg2%
Sodium 125 mg5%
Carbohydrates 12 g4%
Total Sugars 12 g
Added Sugar 0 g0%
Protein 8 g
Vitamin D 2.5 mcg15%
Calcium 300 mg25%
Iron 0.1 mg0%
Potassium 360 mg8%
Vitamin A 160 mcg20%
* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Organic Valley Nonfat, Fat Free, and Skim Milk: What's the difference?

The FDA accepts various product descriptors (Standards of Identity) for milk that has less than 0.5g of fat per cup. Organic Valley uses three different terms - Nonfat, Fat-Free, and Skim - based on the regional preferences of our consumers. Zero Fat and No Fat are also accepted by the FDA, though not used by Organic Valley.

What is HTST Pasteurization?

High Temperature/Short Time (HTST) is the most common form of pasteurization in the dairy industry. Milk is heated to a required minimum temperature of 161°F for 15 seconds and pasteurized to kill any pathogenic bacteria that may be present. It is common to find a date code between 16 and 21 days from the date of manufacture on our HTST milk. This ensures a fresh, wholesome dairy product.

The HTST process is referred to as 'pasteurized' on the milk package. Organic Valley offers gallons and some half gallons of milk with HTST pasteurization.

What is Ultra-Pasteurization?

Ultra-pasteurized (UP) milk has been flash-heated with injected steam to 280 degrees and then vacuum chilled rapidly. The result is milk with a longer shelf life.

Are vitamins added to Organic Valley milks?

Yes. The easiest way to know if Organic Valley milk (skim, low-fat, reduced-fat, whole) contains added vitamins is to check the ingredient label on the carton. If vitamins A or D are added to that milk, it will be listed in the ingredients. Vitamin A: We are required by law to add vitamin A to all of our skim/fat-free/nonfat fluid milk, low-fat (1%) fluid milk, and reduced-fat (2%) fluid milk. This is because vitamin A is "fat-soluble," so you lose vitamin A content when you reduce fat in fluid milk. We do add vitamin A to some of our whole fluid milk products also. For confirmation, please reference the ingredient label.

Vitamin D: We add vitamin D to all Organic Valley fluid milks. Vitamin D is naturally present in milk, but it can be low due to several factors like cow breed, seasonal exposure to sunlight, diet, and lactation. For confirmation, please reference the ingredient label.

Family of farmers standing in field holding children and pets with rolling hills in the background.
Ethically Sourced from Small Organic Family Farms
We believe in doing dairy right. When you choose Organic Valley, you're getting high-quality organic milk ethically sourced from farms that respect the land and all the plants and animals that live on it.
See what Ethically Sourced means to us.