Two Organic Valley farmers carrying their children while leading the cows out to pasture.

There are major benefits to eating organic. Organic food not only tastes better—it’s also better for our environment and for local communities.
We’re all in this together.

Like the organic pastures they cultivate, organic farmers help to rejuvenate the land and the communities around them.

Our farmers go beyond the plate by keeping toxic pesticides off their land and out of the local environment. Thanks to our sustainable pay price, our farmers are able to support and stimulate their local economies. And they keep the dream of the family farm alive by demonstrating that organic agriculture is economically viable.

Since 1960, more than 600,000 family farms have been bought up by big agriculture companies. Each of those farms was part of a community, usually a small town. And each of those farms was part of a larger ecosystem that too many of us took for granted.

Organic Valley was founded in part to address those problems. Many of us grew up watching as our friends and neighbors harvested their last crops, sold the farm, and looked for a new way of life. We refused to go without a fight, because we’ve always known that there’s more than just dinner at stake.

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