Mother's Day (or Any Day) Brunch Ideas

by Jackie Thesing

April 13, 2022

by Jackie Thesing

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (in case you need help remembering, it’s May 8), and what better way to celebrate that special mom in your life than by planning a sit-down brunch that she’ll remember for years to come. We are going to walk through creative but simple ideas to create an intimate and memorable experience that will show Mom just how much she’s loved!

Brunch doesn’t need to be limited to just Mom—this can be befitting for any important person in your life, and it doesn’t have to happen on Mother’s Day. The primary goal of the occasion is to spend time with your loved ones and show them how much you appreciate them. Add simple yet thoughtful personal touches like a fully homemade meal and table decorations (have the kids help!).

A family enjoys brunch.

Little touches make for a wonderful brunch.

The key to making this brunch stress-free is to plan and create a rough timeline for the day. Typically brunch is held in the late morning or early afternoon, but pick a time that is most fitting to your family’s schedule. Give yourself more than an hour to prepare the meal and set the table so that you’re not rushing. If you’re making decorations, perhaps plan on doing so the day before. Clear your schedule for the afternoon so that you have no reason to remove yourself from this special moment! Allow extra time to chat, share stories or even play games.

Delicious Meals for Brunch

Let’s dive into some homemade meal ideas. Egg bakes are always a great choice! Personalize it by adding Mom’s (or that special person’s) favorite veggies or cheeses. Most of these can even be prepared a day in advance and stored in the fridge prior to baking. This Organic Mama Veggie Frittata is a super simple one-pan meal that the family will be sure to love. You can also make something sweet like Buttermilk Pancakes or Homemade Cinnamon Rolls. Enhance your brunch spread even more by adding sides like fresh fruit, yogurt, or scones.

Drinks to Serve at Brunch

Delicious drinks are another must-have. You can make fruit smoothies, mimosas or mocktails that everyone can enjoy. Coffee with Organic Valley Lactose-Free Flavored Creamer is a great drink to start with. Organic Valley milk, chocolate milk, or Uncle Matt's Organic juices are also perfect for pairing with brunch. Add an extra thoughtful touch by pouring the drinks into fancier carafes or vases. Small upgrades like this will enhance your brunch experience even more!

Add another personal touch to brunch by making table decorations. Have the kids help color and create paper flowers using coffee filters and pipe cleaners. Pick up vases or ceramic pots from your local secondhand store and add rice or beans to the pots to hold the paper flowers in place. If crafting isn’t for you, place fresh flowers and candles on the table instead!

A girl colors a coffee filter.

Color coffee filters to make paper flowers.

How to Personalize Plates

You could also pick up ceramic plates from your local secondhand store or dollar store and have the kids make personalized plates for the whole family. Simply have them draw on the plates using permanent markers, then bake the plates in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 F to set the marker. Allow the plates to cool in the oven before removing them, to avoid cracking. Though you won’t be eating from them, personalized plates are wonderful to display. Mom will certainly love the added personal details.

A girl colors a plate with a marker.

Personalize plates to add an extra touch.

Make Brunch a Tech-Free Time

Since you’ve cleared the whole schedule for the afternoon, there’s no need to end brunch right when everyone is done eating! Pull out some board games, tell stories, or look through old photos to spend extra time together with the ones you care about. Make your entire afternoon into a technology-free time and focus on being present with one another. Mom will be blown away by the thoughtful details that you have put together to make this brunch special, and she will certainly remember this time spent as a family for years to come.

Setting up a memorable brunch is the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day or any important event in your life. It’s also a great way to carve time out of your family’s busy schedule to intentionally connect with one another. Adding special touches like table decorations and a home-cooked meal is a simple yet meaningful way to show Mom how much you care. Eat brunch, share stories, and take time with those who really matter in your life this Mother’s Day!


Jackie Thesing is a Minnesota girl, born and raised. She, her husband, and two young daughters live in the Twin Cities area where they love to spend time outside and be together as a family. After leaving her corporate job to stay home with her daughters, Jackie created her blog, Sweet Girl Treats, to share her favorite recipes and baking tips. When Jackie isn’t busy with the many tasks of motherhood, you’ll likely find her in the kitchen developing new desserts, probably with at least one of her “sweet girls” at her side! To follow Jackie’s baking journey, hop over to her Instagram page @sweetgirltreatsmn and subscribe to her blog!