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A cow peers out from some bushes.


Night of the Hair-Raising Heifers

When we go out on Organic Valley farms and take pictures of cows out on pasture, our photographers come back with thousands of pictures to sort through. Of course, only a fraction of those make the final cut, but as we were looking through some recent batches, we noticed something a little...odd.

We’d look at a picture and see a cute kid, but then notice...

Little girl peeks out from under a cow in a grassy field.

Some of our cows were being a little...suspicious.

It made us wonder…

Are our cows out to get us?!

 Dairy cow standing closely to two farmers on a small organic farm.

"Soon. Soon I will...

...give you a cowlick! Muahaha!"

Cow approaches children in the pasture under supervision of parents.
Two little boys sit in the grass and one turns around to look at cows standing behind them.

The Zweber kids suspect something...

A cow sniffs the back of a little girl's head as her brother hugs her.

"I don't think they've noticed me yet..." - Bessie the cow

Organic Valley farmer making a funny face at a cow.

"He knows! Run, girls! Back to the barn!" - Bessie the cow

Girl holds up handful of grass, as suspicious cow creeps in the background.
Same view of girl holding grass, slightly zoomed in on the creepy cow looming in the background.
Same picture of girl holding grass, fully zoomed in on the creepy cow in the background.

She's watching...

Happy Halloween, friends! And don’t worry, we don’t actually think our cows are out to get us. It's all just a spooky spoof. Cows are curious animals and love to check people out to see what’s going on. They’ll even rock out to music if you play your instrument out on the pasture.

Have a safe and fun holiday!

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