A crate of brown, organic eggs.

We strive to keep simple and clean ingredient lists and we’re open about the added ingredients in our products because we believe in your right to know what’s in your food.
An ongoing process.

We are transparent about added ingredients, and you can see a recent report right here. This chart is updated when we make progress toward finding an organic source for an ingredient that isn’t commercially available as organic, and it explains why we need to include certain other ingredients. If you ever have questions about our ingredients, our Consumer Relations team will be happy to help.

Our values apply at home and abroad. When we need to use ingredients that aren’t grown on American farms—like the vanilla in our flavored half & half or the nutmeg in our eggnog—we source from certified organic and fair trade producers. It costs us a little more, but we started Organic Valley with an eye toward saving family farms. We believe this is the right thing to do—both here at home and abroad.

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