Why would we bother making perfectly good milk even better?

Well, we do have a reputation for being over-achieving do-gooders, but there’s more to it than that.

Since 1988, the farmers in our cooperative have been producing the highest quality organic milk available. Every gallon of Organic Valley milk goes through 57 quality checks between the farm and your table. We combine our passion for exceptional animal care with our commitment to providing the most nutrient-dense products for you and your family. And for more than three decades, Organic Valley has been equally committed to ensuring that family farms stay in business.

By using our organic nonfat dry milk powder to make fortified milk, we’re able to use more of our farmers’ milk, allowing us to continue supporting small organic dairy farms while providing your family with more protein and calcium at the price you’re used to.

With Organic Valley Fortified Milk, more really does mean more—for you and everyone else!

Where can you buy fortified milk?

Check out our store locator to find Organic Valley products near you.

Showing some love to the cows on the Hoffner family farm in North Carolina.

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