Key Cottage Cheese Ice Cream Takeaways

We can’t predict when the cottage cheese ice cream trend will subside but we do know that yes, people really do like ice cream made from real cottage cheese!

What we learned from the taste testers.

  1. They were surprised when they found out the main ingredient in the ice cream was cottage cheese.
  2. They liked it even after they found out it was ice cream made from cottage cheese.
  3. Many thought yogurt was the main ingredient.
  4. Most feedback was positive — with exceptions.

Cottage cheese ice cream is really yummy for some and others like to fill their bellies with cottage cheese that is prepped in different ways. We checked out a trend and we were pleasantly surprised.

And you can feel good about eating Organic Valley cottage cheese as it contains absolutely no antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMO anything.

Jackie Thesing

An antique typewriter fanatic and chicken mom who treasures time outdoors admiring all that nature has to offer, Jennifer McBride is Rootstock’s editor. She enjoys sharing stories of farmers, family, organics and the food system. McBride spent 15-plus years as a journalist and newspaper editor before finding her niche with the nation’s leading organic dairy cooperative. Contact her at

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