The Bun ... Or Not

Packages of Organic Valley cheese slices.

We love Organic Valley cheese slices on burgers.

Topping the Perfect Burger

Staples like red onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles and sautéed mushrooms are great toppings, but cooking a perfect burger when entertaining is also a chance to get creative. Let your guests experiment with their favorites by providing a “topping bar” at your next gathering.

Take a trip to your local farmers’ market to find a multitude of topping ideas, from fresh veggies to home-canned goods like sauerkraut and salsa. Other fun burger toppings:

A delicious, perfect cheeseburger is simple to cook and build to your liking. Whether you prefer just sauce and cheese on your burger, or a stack of endless toppings, do what’s perfect for you.


The perfect cheese burger ready to enjoy with a pickle!

Luke Zahm is chef and owner of Driftless Café. He also hosts “Wisconsin Foodie,” an Emmy Award-winning independent television series dedicated to discovering the stories behind the food we eat. Luke and his wife, Ruthie, have a daughter, Ava, and two sons, Benjamin and Silas.

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